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Hotel Denis, Danes Sighisoara

Hotel Denis

Danes Sighisoara, Transilvania, Romania

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    Danes Sighisoara

    Daneș is the village of residence of the commune of the same name in Mures county, Transylvania, Romania. The village stretches on the Târnava Mare river when the Criș stream flows into Târnava Mare. It is located on the national road DN 14 Sighișoara-Mediaș, close to Sighișoara.

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    The village was documented in 1343 under the name of Danus.
    The name has changed over time.
    In October 1661 the village is deserted, and the Tatars kidnap the peasants from the field, so that in 1663 only 3 more households were listed.
    In order to repopulate the town ravaged by wars and plague, the Saxons decided in 1668 to admit the establishment of Romanians in the village, in 1668 installing a Romanian priest.
    The 1671 census records 7 Saxon households and 28 Romanian households, one tenant tenant, five tenant Romanians (who did not own their own household) and three widows.