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Chalet With 4 Bedrooms In Sibiel With Wonderful Lake View Furnished, Saliste

Chalet With 4 Bedrooms In Sibiel With Wonderful Lake View Furnished

Saliste, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

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Pensiunea Domnescu, Saliste

Pensiunea Domnescu

Saliste, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

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Casa Crina, Saliste

Casa Crina

Saliste, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

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The Holiday House, Saliste

The Holiday House

Saliste, Marginimea Sibiului, Romania

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The village is situated in the Depression Saliste in west county 21 km from Sibiu, in the mountainous hills of the Mountains Cibin. It is common with the largest number of villages in the county, which included ten villages. Access is via shared DN 1 (E 15A) Sibiu - Sebes Alba, Sibiu railway route - the Netherlands wind and stops the train station at Saliste Sibiel Sacel Aciliu, or the old road through Cristian, Orlat, Sibiel , Valley - Saliste - Tilisca.

Recommendations for travel Saliste

Called 'cultural capital Marginimea "Salistea is well represented in terms of existing tourist attractions in the area:

Foltea Monastery is the first of them, followed by Hermitage Sibiel Sălişte Orthodox church built between 1761-1785 with the plan consists of an apse, nave "hore" side, nave, west tower and wall paintings highly respected Orthodox church Grui founded by the family when. May also operates permanent exhibition "Personalities săliştene, founded in 1978 inside the city library, which contains documents, books, paintings, sculptures on prominent figures who were born or worked in these places.

Gales Museum (village belonging Saliste city) has an exhibition of folk art and ethnography of the area and an outdoor area in which they are displayed inside a house with a local cuisine and a century sheepfold. XIX.
The flag is preserved material illustrating agriculture, sheep and bee, gathering in nature, fruit and handicrafts, pottery workshops, hatter and furrier-belts.

The Museum of icons on glass, was developed Zosim OANCEA''a Zosim Oancea priest in 1971, more than 700 paintings being exposed to specific Christian biblical themes eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as donations from the villagers: old icons, household objects old appliances, old books and prints. Mention beautiful collection of icons on glass and wood, old prints of some precious Slavic manuscripts (sixteenth century), the New Testament from Bolgrad (1648).

Salgo Sibiel feudal ruins, located on Castle Hill to 1099 m altitude, mentioned in documents in 1383.

Over the three roadside crosses strings village built of stone and brick dating back over 150 years (1803, 1814, 1817) with fresco paintings and wooden crosses on the inside.

Integrating local traditions to modern cultural fields amenjat sculptures in wood park located on the road to Poiana Sun Crinta being exposed to outdoor works of contemporary art made since 1981 in seven editions of the national camp wood sculptures.

Crinta resort situated 18 km from Saliste at an altitude of 1391 m, or accessible through Saliste Sibielului Valley. Place leisure and departure to the mountain chalet Fantanele Iezerele Cindrelului, Paltinis Sadu Valley or Valley Beautiful.

In addition to traditional holidays, Salistea stands by holding a series of special events sites. It's catching cousins, which marks the transition of children from the age of puberty, Sângeorz (on 23 April) that marks the explosion of vegetation in nature and bargaining for the shepherds to thrust, atonement (the 15th), lamb shearing (July 20), Macon or bear day (August 1), or day Chilipii Wolf (15 November) that malaiurile (the craftsmen, the firefighters, students).


* Junior Meeting December 28
* Salistene Cultural Days in August
* Grassroots Maialul May