Accommodation in Sasca Romana, Banat Romania deals 2022
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Pension Pensiunea Cheile Nerei, Sasca Romana

Pension Pensiunea Cheile Nerei

Sasca Romana, Banat, Romania

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    Sasca Romana

    A beautiful settlement in Caras-Severin county, Sasca Romana is located on the Nera river on a picturesque valley that has in its history or a prosperous mining area from which iron ore was extracted. The area is known for its natural potential resulting from karst relief consisting of keys, waterfalls and caves.

    Recommendations for travel Sasca Romana

    Nerei Keys
    Karst lakes
    Babei's eye
    Dracului Lake (the largest karst lake in the country)
    Beusnita, Bigar and Susara Waterfalls
    Caves and oats
    The Cave of the Boilor
    Cave Lake Dracului
    Cheere Nerei-Beusnita National Park