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Circuit Banatul Si Clisura Dunarii, Banat

Circuit Banatul Si Clisura Dunarii

Banat, Banat, Romania

    • Bus (10/02 - 10/06/2023)
      Departures in date: 10/02
    Circuit Revelion Tihnit In Clisura Dunarii, Banat

    Circuit Revelion Tihnit In Clisura Dunarii

    Banat, Banat, Romania

      • Bus (12/29 - 01/02/2024)
        Departures in date: 12/29
      Circuit Craciun Banatean In Clisura Dunarii, Banat

      Circuit Craciun Banatean In Clisura Dunarii

      Banat, Banat, Romania

        • Bus (12/23 - 12/27/2023)
          Departures in date: 12/23

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        Banat is a historical province divided today between Romania, Serbia (Serbian Banat) and a very small part of Hungary. In the Middle Ages, on the territory of Banat there was a political formation with the center in Morisena (today Cenad). The most famous voivodes were Glad, who fought against the Hungarian nomads, with armies of Romanians, Pechenegians and Bulgarians, Ahtum and Chanadinus, Glad's ancestors, who fought among themselves.

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        From the New Year, the animals are wished and the barn walls are beaten with a stick of walnut, in order to ward off the evils. Tradition has it that livestock feeders in the sieve will have healthy chickens and many eggs in the coming year. On the eve of the evening, the women put salt, red wine, coleslaw and money in every room of the house, to make the New Year a happy and enriched one.

        New Year's Eve is looking forward to the young girls who want to find their bear. According to tradition, the young women are combing and looking in the mirror, each having a candle in the four corners. In order to see the one they will marry, they must bypass the mirror three times, indicating whether the bear is a good man or a man.

        In the Banat villages, on the eve of the New Year, the young people go with the Plugușor to the houses of the people, receiving instead apples, nuts or money. Men also start with Capra on the streets, announcing next year.

        On January 1st, Banatians are waiting for the children with Sorcova, who wish for the new year, but also the young people who roam the houses dressed in the popular port, bringing good wishes, good health and plenty. It is believed that during the holidays Sorcova has the power to transmit youth and health to those who are wished.