Skiing Lacul Vidraru, Transfagarasan Romania winter 2021
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Hotel Posada Vidraru, Lacul Vidraru

Hotel Posada Vidraru

Lacul Vidraru, Transfagarasan, Romania

  • Hotel with parking  
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  Last booking: 08/23/2020

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Lacul Vidraru

On Transfagarasan Lake Vidraru is the meeting place of rivers Arges Capra, Buda and several tributaries, River Lady, Cernatul, topology. Maybe at first glance you say I'm not so impressed by the size (area of 870 ha, length of 14 km and maximum width of 2.2 km). But when they climbed the winding road around the lake, you realize how easy it can be tricked.