Accommodation in Botiza, Maramures Romania deals 2022
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Pensiunea Suci, Botiza

Pensiunea Suci

Botiza, Maramures, Romania

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    Casele De Vacanta Luca Vicentiu, Botiza

    Casele De Vacanta Luca Vicentiu  

    Botiza, Maramures, Romania

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    Botiza is situated at the foot of Mount Tibles (Tibles comes from the Latin word Cibele = great mother of all gods), Maramures county. Free Dacians lived here before and their descendants today inhabit these places.

    The first scholar wrote in 1326 about Botiza. Jews have inhabited the area through the second half of the eighteenth century. In 1881 there were 207 houses in Botiza. Today I live in Botiza about 4,000 people.

    Botiz Residents are particularly proud of their churches. The treasured tradition that if sent to a village church lost another neighboring village richer villagers gave them their own or a new church.

    Recommendations for travel Botiza

    * 5 source (a thermal salt water, freshwater 4)
    * Wooden Church
    * Monastery Botiza
    * Village Museum from Sighet
    * Merry Cemetery in Sapanta