City Hotels Baile 1 Mai, Crisana Romania 2022
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Hotel Perla, Baile 1 Mai

Hotel Perla

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Baile 1 Mai, Crisana, Romania

  • Hotel with indoor pool  
  • No transport provided

  Last booking: 05/30/2022

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Baile 1 Mai

Spa resort of national interest 1 Mai is located in northwestern Romania, 8 km south of Oradea, 140 m altitude. Baile May 1 because of position in a secular oak forest has a specific microclimate with mild summers and winters mild heat. The average annual temperature is 10.5 degrees while precipitation is maintained at around 650 mm annually.

Recommendations for travel Baile 1 Mai

Resort "Felix" at a distance of 2 km can be visited on foot along a route that crosses the village Haieu by car on the road link between the two resorts.
Another attraction is the lake with water lilies, Peta made on the river and became a nature reserve due to a single plant in Romania - Nymphaea lotus thermalis.