City Hotels Slanic Prahova, Muntenia Romania 2022
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Hotel Roberto, Slanic Prahova

Hotel Roberto

Slanic Prahova, Muntenia, Romania

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Slanic Prahova

Spa resort, including the center of Salt Salt Mountain is unique in the world and the largest salt mine in Europe, a city surrounded by spectacular scenery and providing accommodation, treatment and devertisment various Slanic Prahova is the ideal place for spending holidays.

The distinct beauty of the landscape adjacent, local climate peculiarities determined by location in the hearth of a river not far from the last depression and mountain peaks and the presence of remarkable sights and spectacular scale of the bases and treatment recognized are prerequisites for a pleasant stay, quiet and restful.

Recommendations for travel Slanic Prahova

Hiking Trails
Green Stone can be seen from the center Slanicului and to reach the quarry and then passed through Grosan paved road that connects the Valenii Slanic Mountain.

Rides approx. 30 min can be made water springs sulphate, calcium, sodium chloro-city near: Fountain Under Cold-city Enemy's Fountain, Fountain bulging.

All it takes half an hour and go up the pine forest, situated on the hill from Union Mine aropierea

From forest trees and fountains can get cold.

Krasna is a village situated close to the Hermitage Crasna Slanicului.Traseul lasts 2.5 hours and 3 hours and passes through Grosan village Schiulesti Crasnei Valley. Return can be done on the forest road to Maneciu Ungureni.
The monastery can be reached Krasna and the city of Ploiesti, Ploiesti route - Valenii Mountain, with the descent into Halta Homoraciu (if you go by train), where you climb down a few hours, but no regrets or descends Sources where as there is a road that leads to the monastery.


Mina "United"
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. Saturday-Sunday 9:00 to 5:00 p.m., Monday closed
Admission fee: Adults 12 RON
6 Ron, pupils, students
Cave Miresii
Baia Verde
Baia Baciului
Baia Rosie
Green Stone
Salt Museum