City Hotels Vartop, Muntii Apuseni Romania winter 2024
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Pensiunea Piatra Graitoare, Vartop

Pensiunea Piatra Graitoare

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Vartop, Muntii Apuseni, Romania

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Vârtop resort is the most popular mountain tourist area with ski slopes in the Apuseni mountains, attracting more and more tourists not only by the presence of the ski slopes arranged, but also by the diversity of attractions in the area. Located at the border of the two counties, Bihor and Alba, Vartop Station can be reached from several directions, namely from Oradea 116 km, Turda 119 KM, Deva 120 km

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Tourists have three slopes. The one from Vârtop 1 has a length of 1,000 meters, benefiting from the night, snow cannons and with a medium difficulty, the one from Vârtop 2, also with a degree of average difficulty, measures 430 meters, while the slope of at Piatra Grăatoare, it measures 1,600 meters, with three descents that will be served by a modern 4-seater chairlift with a length of 1,095 meters and with a capacity of 1400 people per hour; the chairlift is detachable - the seats go at a much slower speed in the stations to facilitate the tourists climb on the seats; the speed of the chairlift is 5 meters / second and in stations of 0.5 meters per second.
Vârciorog Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall over 15 meters high located in a coniferous forest at the foot of Piatra Graitoare Peak. It is found in Arieseni, near the village of Vamvucesti - 5 kilometers away from the center of the commune. The waterfall and the buffer zone around it constitute a landscape reserve protected by law.
The Rust Cave, Valea Seacă Canyon is part of the Apuseni Natural Park and represents a valley with steep slopes, formed by erosion of streams (ravines) which caused the appearance of quartzite layers (red-violet color), conferring the area (from the point of landscape view) a special aspect, being a natural reserve with an area of 20.40 hectares and has been declared a protected area and overlaps the area of special avifaunistic protection - Apuseni Mountains - Vlădeasa.
Access to the area can be made from the city of Oradea to the city of Beiuș, about 50 km away, or from the city of Alba Iulia.