Easter Alba Iulia, Transilvania Romania 2023
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Hotel Transilvania, Alba Iulia

Hotel Transilvania

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Alba Iulia, Transilvania, Romania

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    Pensiunea Apulum, Alba Iulia

    Pensiunea Apulum

    Alba Iulia, Transilvania, Romania

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      Alba Iulia

      Alba Iulia is located at an altitude of 270 m at a distance of 340 km from Bucharest, Cluj 100 km, 70 km to 241 km from Sibiu and Arad. The municipality is located within the perimeter formed by Ampoi river, the river Sebes, Apuseni Mountains and Plateau Transylvanian peaks.

      The town itself is located on the first terrace of the Mures, forming a plain east of 8-10 km long and 2-4km wide. The western town is surrounded by wooded heights of the mountains Metal Mammoth Peak (630 m). To the east, over Mures, there are reddish clay hills of the Transylvanian plateau, eroded by the rivers Mures, Sebes and Secas, they form a series of ravines with interesting shapes and sparse vegetation.

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      The main area is the historic town of Alba Carolina Citadel developed greatly Charles VI. Karlsburg Habsburgs renamed the city in his honor.

      Noteworthy is the Iron Age fortress of land, discovered on the heights of the Mures left at Teleac (4 km north-east of Alba Iulia). This fortress, dated to the mid-first millennium BC is fortified with earth walls and ditches, covering nearly 30 hectares of land.

      The tourist attractions are located within the fortress are: Reunification Cathedral, Museum and Union Hall, Union Corifeilor statuary group, Batthyaneum Library, Roman Catholic Cathedral, Korea's cell, Hen and Crisan, located in the architectural portions of the 3-a city, Apor Palace, Palace of the Princes, University December 1, Route Three fortifications - including Roman Gate Camp, Equestrian Statue of Prince Michael the Brave monuments to Avram Iancu, Custozza Memorial Church The wood of the Transylvanian Orthodox denominations first founded by Prince Michael the Brave, busts of King Ferdinand and Queen Mary, etc.

      Obelisk erected in memory and Horia Crisan Hen is located in front of the gate of the fortress and the third is the work of the sculptor Ion Negrulea. It was built in 1937 at the initiative of the ASTRA. Measuring over 20 feet tall and is based on a bas-relief depicting the three fighters.

      Reunification Cathedral in whose interior there are two important works of art that have escaped the terror and oppression of communism, Romanian monarchy representing the time, King Ferdinand and Queen Mary, heads crowned in this cathedral in 1922.

      St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cathedral is a remarkable piece of religious architecture in the late Romanesque style, the most valuable monument of architecture in Transylvania, the same age as the famous Notre-Dame de Paris, 1247-1291. It was built between 1247-1291 and it appears that the initial plans and helped the French architect Villard Honnecourt.