Accommodation in Harghita Bai, Transilvania Romania deals 2021
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Pension Tofalvi, Harghita Bai

Pension Tofalvi  

Harghita Bai, Transilvania, Romania

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Hotel Casa Bilbor, Harghita Bai

Hotel Casa Bilbor

Harghita Bai, Transilvania, Romania

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    Hotel Sziklakert, Harghita Bai

    Hotel Sziklakert

    Harghita Bai, Transilvania, Romania

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      About Harghita BaiDetails and images of Harghita Bai

      Harghita Bai

      Harghita Bai mountain resort, with an area of 34 ha, is a component city of Miercurea Ciuc, situated at the highest elevation in Harghita county (at 1350 m), nestled between mountain peaks of wild beauty, very appreciated by fans mountain tourism.

      Harghita Bai is a local interest spa founded in the 1800s. He became known thanks to the surrounding landscape on the one hand, and on the other hand due to its mineral water and sulphurous mofettes indicated in the treatment of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases. Harghita Bai resort fits in a certain geographical environment with possibilities of recovery in tourism.

      Recommendations for travel Harghita Bai

      Mineral waters
      The most important sources: Source of eyes spring from the forest, the main spring, spring stomach.
      Indications for the four springs are identical. The cure internal waters here are used in diseases of the heart and circulatory system, chronic inflammation respectively.

      In the southern part of the resort is Borhegyes highest peak (1379 m) of stream Fejszó hill where there is mineral water spring.

      In this resort, tourists can enjoy these trails:
      Miklos: 200 meters - the hard, night, lift
      Csipike: 400 meters - the media, at night, lift
      Tófalvi: the easy part - 200 meters, lift
      Ozone: the easy part - 300 meters, at night, lift
      Kossuth: 630 meters - the hard, lift
      Kossuth II: 800 meters - the media, lift
      Kossuth III: the easy part - 1000 meters, lift

      Winter ski trails are some equipped with ski lifts, a snowboard slope with 5 jumps.
      Often ranked ski tournaments nationwide.
      Tourists have the possibility to rent ski equipment and keep warm with hot tea in the resort bars.
      There are courses for beginners and advanced skiing with ski instuctor.
      Lift operating schedule: 9-16 hours, Price: 2 EUR / Climbing