Accommodation in Baile Homorod, Transilvania Romania deals 2022
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Hotel Homorod, Baile Homorod

Hotel Homorod

Baile Homorod, Transilvania, Romania

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    Baile Homorod

    Homorod Resort is situated at 18 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc, 34 km from Miercurea Ciuc and 6 km of the Vlachs.

    It is situated on the Homorodul Great river valley and stream Bath, at an altitude of 740-760 m.

    Typical alpine village has a microclimate, being sheltered from the winds, and is conducive to recreation, and postoperative recovery.

    Featuring local interest baths of mineral water, with several mineral water springs (springs Lobogo, Maria, Csorga, Homoradi, Ilona, Fenyves). The common characteristic of these springs water is rich in mineral content (Li, Mn, Br.

    Recommendations for travel Baile Homorod

    The tourist attractions of the resort and surrounding

    * Lobogo ski slope
    * Ruins Földvár
    * Church built in 1765

    Trails in nature with sightseeing

    Cave Meresti
    Ilona Valley
    Selters Baths
    Daffodil meadow
    Chirui Baths
    Harghita Madaras