May 1St Craiova, Oltenia Romania 2023
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Golden House, Craiova

Golden House

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Craiova, Oltenia, Romania

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    Is located in the southern city of Craiova, Romania, on the left bank of the Jiu, the left the hilly region at an altitude between 75 and 116 m. Craiova is part of the Romanian Plain, the Plain of Oltenia to say that lies between the Danube River and the Piedmont Plateau, is crossed by means of the Jiu Valley. The city is situated approximately in the center of Oltenia, at a distance of 227 km from Bucharest and 68 km from the Danube. City is very irregular shape, especially to the west and north, and within the city, unlike its edge, is very compact.

    Recommendations for travel Craiova

    Roman Camp Pelendava

    Historic buildings:
    House Banovina
    Jean Mihail Palace
    Vorvorenilor Palace - the current headquarters of the Metropolitan of Oltenia
    Craiova City Hall
    Administrative Palace

    Art Museum
    Oltenia Museum

    National Theatre
    Opera and Operetta Elena Theodorini "

    In Craiova there are several famous old wells, including:
    Jian Fountain, built around 1800
    Fountain Purcarului
    Fountain Popova (XVII century)

    Parks and nature reserves:
    Romanescu Park
    Botanical Garden
    Terrace (Meadow) Jiu