Mountain Timisu De Sus, Valea Prahovei Romania winter 2020
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Continental Gaiser, Timisu De Sus

Continental Gaiser

Timisu De Sus, Valea Prahovei, Romania

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Hotel Hart, Timisu De Sus

Hotel Hart

Timisu De Sus, Valea Prahovei, Romania

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    About Timisu De SusDetails and images of Timisu De Sus

    Timisu De Sus

    Resort village, Timisu de Sus is located in the depression Timis, at a distance of 18 km from Brasov and 4 km from Predeal .

    In terms of geographical locality is situated at an altitude of 800-850 meters from north Postăvarul Massif, Massif Piatra Craiului to the east and south-west Predealului platform.

    From the administrative point of view, Timisu de Sus belongs Predeal. And this town like Timisu de Jos is considered a tourist attraction because of the landscape, hence leaving more large combines interactive trails.

    From the medical point of view, the resort climate is recommended to treat respiratory disorders, states of debility, treatment of asthenic neurosis, rickets and overwork.

    Recommendations for travel Timisu De Sus

    Mountain Trails:
    * Timisu de Sus - Piatra Mare Massif
    * Timisu de Sus - Gorge Rasnoavei, Deer Valley
    * Timisu de Sus - Chalet Cheia - Massif Postavarul

    * Waterfall Tamina
    * The wooden church in Maramures style
    * Roman Catholic Monastery "Congregatio Jesus"
    * Ice Cave