Seaside Corbu, Romanian Seaside Romania summer 2022
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Complex Plaja Golf, Corbu

Complex Plaja Golf  

Corbu, Romanian Seaside, Romania

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Corbu village is located 8 km. north of Mamaia resort and the town is bordered to the south and has a good connection Navodari county road, the DJ 226. It starts in the Midia Navodari relationships with DN 22 B, by Navodari - Ovid, DN 2 A - E 60 to Bucharest - Constanta and the seaside tourist area Navodari - Mamaia - Constanta.

Recommendations for travel Corbu

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing: Corbu beach is a place to gather much of their time practicing sports like giving a helping hand and windsurfing school located near Lake Corbu. Sports Sailing: Lake Corbu was the only school with European certification of water sports with sailing, here being able to rent this type of boat. Diving and Snorkeling: Because the sea water is much cleaner in this area of coastline and more schools choose their diving this place to train students. Sport Fishing: Lake Corbu much is known by fishermen as a great fishing lake with many species of fish.
But the great advantage of the future is near the beam Chituc resorts and lakes as it delineates, among the most important species of fish that can be caught as Laban, flounder, turbot, blue fish, pike, sleeping and watching crapul.Birds Lake Corby Chituc with sand bank is a strictly protected area, where Common Tern (Sterna Hirundo, engl. Commontern) has its favorite place for fishing and hatching, the race with silver seagull (Larus Argentus, engl. Heringgull) and seagull rizatoar (Larus ridibundus, blackheaded gull). Ornithologists everywhere really find this place a field research and observation. And if you do a boat ride on Lake Sinoe allow you to admire the reclusive fallow (Platalea leucorodia, spoonbill), the shock rates (Netta Rufina, engl. Red Crested pochard), groups of pelicans (Pelecanus Onocrotalus, engl. White Pelican) . circuits and bicycle motocross ATV: Motorcross and ATV enthusiasts are at home. An ideal place for tours of Sand Chituc survival due to its length of about 30 Km. Also made a trip by bicycle endurance test within everyone.