1St Of December Sfantu Gheorghe, Transilvania Romania 2021
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Hotel Ferdinand Panzio, Sfantu Gheorghe

Hotel Ferdinand Panzio

Sfantu Gheorghe, Transilvania, Romania

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Sfantu Gheorghe

St. George is a city, the county seat and largest city of Covasna county, Transylvania, Romania.
St. George is the largest city in Covasna County, Three Chairs historical region and also the largest city in Transylvania Hungarian majority.

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Sights and monuments
Fortified church from XIV century, surrounded by defensive walls. It was subject to repairs and modifications after Tatar incursion 1658, by Ottoman siege in 1661 and after earthquakes in 1728, 1738 and 1802 the church has Gothic windows, ceilings and painted, and an organ from 1894 built by Josef Angster of Pécs.
Orthodox church dedicated to St. George built in 1872.
"Arcade House" in the eighteenth century
County Library building built in 1832 and converted in 1897 and 1902.
The building of the former courthouse built in 1870, today the art galleries St. George
Székely National Museum building, designed by Károly Kós
Municipal Hall building in the eighteenth century
Romanian Soldier Monument, by the sculptor Peter Balogh
Bust of Aron Gabor, Istvan Gergely conducted
Bust of Nicolae Bălcescu conducted by Isac Marton
Museum of Eastern Carpathians
Elizabeth Park