City Hotels Covasna, Transilvania Romania 2022
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Hotel Conacul Benke, Covasna

Hotel Conacul Benke

Covasna, Transilvania, Romania

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    Location: is at an altitude of 564 m, the slope of the eastern contact with the depression Barsa Vrancea Mountains, 31 km from Saint George, 60 km from Brasov.

    The first courses were held in Covasna spa in the nineteenth century: mineral water was removed from wells cast in wooden tubs and heated with hot stones. And mofettes were actually large holes in the ground, with stairs, the patient with the whole body letting go and just head out into the open.
    Today Covasna has a modern treatment base to come in any time of year, those who prefer a natural therapy against cardiovascular disease.

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    Descoperind Covasna, bijuteria ascunsa a Transilvaniei

    13.10.2020 Romania

    Covasna ilustrează mariajul perfect între cultura autentică și natura neatinsă. Mai exact, îți arată o cultură unică și îți oferă căldura și veselia oamenilor gata să-ți împărtășească părticica lor din Transilvania. Ce poți trăi/experiementa aici? Iată: