1St Of December Praid, Transilvania Romania 2021
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Pensiunea Praid, Praid

Pensiunea Praid

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Praid, Transilvania, Romania

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    Hotel Praid, Praid

    Hotel Praid

    Praid, Transilvania, Romania

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    Hotel Csehi Istvn, Praid

    Hotel Csehi Istvn

    Praid, Transilvania, Romania

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      Mine is a resort village situated at an altitude of 500-525m, Harghita County, surrounded by famous tourist destination with an old, well and Corund Sovata, but blessed with a salt mine.

      Praid has created a well-deserved reputation own spectacular combines the rustic charm of village Székely, developing structure, rural-tourism, spa and entertainment.

      The springs are found mine hyperthermia (49 degrees) and a mountain of salt salt springs and salt clints.

      In statiune there is a landscaped swimming pool with salt water, which are arranged near the hot salt baths (in valves) salt water is heated in boilers.

      Recommendations for travel Praid

      Interesting places:
      - The main tourist resort of mine is the salt mine, which is one of the largest salt mines in the country and Europe.
      - House APRILY LAJOS memorial built in memory of famous poet Lajos Aprily Transylvania (1887 - 1967) was born in Cluj, who grew up in these parts (in mine)
      - Beizid - Sank village (30 km): remains of a village in the valley Cusmedului, still visible from the lake that covered the area
      - Criseni (40 km) Museum of straw hats
      - Field Fortress (30 km): trout, fish inn, recreational and fishing lakes
      - BUCIN mountain plateau (22 km) Travel camp, ski slopes
      - Lazar: Lazar medieval castle, creative camp
      - Red Lake (80 km)
      - Canyon of salt (1 km) in some way embrace mine, went on the road so that one end of the exit at the other end of town or after a casual walk of about 2 hours, having to admire the many forms carved in deposits salt over the years and numerous showers and see first entry in the salt mine here
      - City Rapsonne (6 km) - although the ruins have not been very well preserved, the natural environment here will offer an unforgettable view, the route is marked and easily accessible, and is now a forest road up the hill where the mother's residence before Dracula which there is a beautiful legend.
      - Festival Sarmalele