1St Of December Saturn, Romanian Seaside Romania summer 2022
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Hotel Mures, Saturn

Hotel Mures    

   Score 8.5/10 out of 27 reviews

Saturn, Romanian Seaside, Romania

  • Hotel with parking  
  • No transport provided

  Last booking: 12/01/2021

Hotel Balada, Saturn

Hotel Balada    

   Score 7.8/10 out of 50 reviews

Saturn, Romanian Seaside, Romania

  • Hotel with children playground  
  • No transport provided
Hotel Hora, Saturn

Hotel Hora  

   Score 7.7/10 out of 32 reviews

Saturn, Romanian Seaside, Romania

  • Hotel with children playground  
  • No transport provided
Hotel Cerna, Saturn

Hotel Cerna    

   Score 8.2/10 out of 31 reviews

Saturn, Romanian Seaside, Romania

  • Full Board  
  • No transport provided
Adria, Saturn


   Score 8.2/10 out of 2 reviews

Saturn, Romanian Seaside, Romania

  • Hotel near beach  
  • No transport provided

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Saturn is located near the resort town of Mangalia, 43 km from Constanta. Saturn North is adjacent to the resort spa Venus. In addition to recreational opportunities, the strength of the existing resort is mesothermal springs and sulphurous mud with therapeutic value, used in treating gynecological diseases and the locomotion. Saturn is a resort clean, cheerful, with a good beach and accommodation charges are among the lowest.

Saturn is a new resort, Romanian spas inserted in the list in 1972. The resort has developed along with the other resorts on the Romanian coast.

Recommendations for travel Saturn

The two treatment facilities are located in hotels and Ballad Hora. This natural cure factors are used (sea water, mud, water mesothermal sulfide) in the treatment of several diseases, such as degenerative rheumatic diseases (cervical, lumbar and dorsal), diseases of orthopedic trauma (fractures, dislocations), anemia , articular manifestations of nutritional diseases (rickets), respiratory diseases (emphysema, chronic bronchitis, respiratory allergies), skin diseases (psoriasis, chronic eczema, neurodermatitis), metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, gout), gynecologic diseases ( attached metroanexite, sterility). Among the types of procedures used include: hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy (sulfur baths, mud baths, herbal baths, galvanic baths, medical gymnastics, underwater shower, mud or paraffin, or dried mud massages, clean geriatrics.