New Year Sighisoara, Transilvania Romania 2021
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Hotel Europa Kokeltal, Sighisoara

Hotel Europa Kokeltal  

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Sighisoara, Transilvania, Romania

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Sighisoara is situated in Hârtibaci Plateau, Plateau subdivision Tarnavelor, hilly part of the Transylvanian Depression. Laying down the Castle Hill (425 m), hills crowned by medieval castle and spread from southeast to SE in the middle of a huge natural amphitheater, bordered to the north of Stejaris Hill (524 m) and Hula Danesi, S of Meadow Post to climb to Hill Middle (511-603 m) and to E Bradet Hill (524 m). The difference in height is 110 m, such as Castle Hill dominates the entire valley upstream Tarnava Big is the maximum elevation of 430 m at S and the minimum of 350 m V.

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Sightseeing in Sighisoara:
- Clock Tower
- Church on the Hill
- Church Monastery
- Tailors Tower
- Casa Vlad Dracul
- Blacksmith Tower
- Shoemakers Tower
- Scale Covered
- Tower Butchers
- St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
- House with shingle
- Tower Frangherilor
- Tin Tower
- Tower Tanner
- Castle Square
- Orthodox Church Coresti
- Old school building on the Hill